Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stomach flu time 2

So the flu season has hit us hard this year. Right before Christmas we went through the stomach bug me and big man spent 2 days heaving and sleeping the funk off. It was aweful and I really did not want to repeat it. So who would have thought that we would go through it again TOGETHER! So it started out with my little man last week. He threw up one night, had a feaver for 3 or 4 hours the next morning and we are still battling the diarrhea. No big deal it never really slowed him down. Big guy on the other hand started throwing up out of the blue on monday morning. Approximately every 20 minutes or so the poor guy couldnt hold down water. He was sick so he asked me to "call the doctor" which is what I did. So off we went so that the doc could tell me he was sick. The good thing was they gave him a shot to help with the nausea and script for suppositories if that didnt get rid of it. Although he was not happy about the shot it did help. He vomitting slowed down but didnt stop so I got the pleasure of giving him a suppository. After two rounds of suppositories he could keep things down just in time for bed. So hubs and I relaxed for a bit and went to bed just in time for little man to wake up at 11:30. So I was up for another hour and half trying to get him to sleep all the while my stomach is starting to feel questionable. Around 2 am I passed him off to his daddy and I crashed on the couch. I think I slept but I really dont know, what I do know is around 4 I started vomitting. So after a very long night I finally went to sleep around 5 got up at 9 and had to deal with sick kiddos. Big guy ran a fever of 102 for 24 hours that I couldnt get down. After several rounds of tylenol and motrin he finally starting feeling better. Since we just got the hang of potty training he said he needed to go "peed" I had in pull ups cause you can only expect so much. So we go to the bathroom and here comes the diarrhea. Which prompted him to stand up look in his potty and say "chocolate milk in there." My only humor for the second round of the 2 day stomach bug but you never know what they are going to say!

Monday, March 2, 2009

anatomy lessons

So my little guy spent the entire night screaming for apparently some unknown reason. I got up with him at 5:15 am and gave him some milk and let him run around for an hour. At about 6:30 it was back to bed for him just in time for my big guy to get up. Which was a hour earlier than usual. So needless to say I was a little tired this morning. After laying around while Peter Pan played and entertained big man I got up to shower. O was downstairs and E was in bed. I got out just in time to see O climbing the stairs so I told him to come in my room so he wouldnt wake up his brother. I of course had just got out of the shower and only had on a towel. I have gotten dressed in front of O hundreds of times but have been trying to do so less and less now that he has learned body parts. So as I am trying to get my clothes on he looks at me and say "boobs" I very politely tried to ignore him and change the subject. He then said "mommy big boobs" needless to say I dressed in a hurry and got out of the room. What do you do......................

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The magic of potty training

So we started the 3 day potty training program 5 days ago. The first 2 days there was no warning just pee. I must have changed 15 pairs of wet underware. I swear I dont even change that many diapers! I did successfully get him on the potty a couple of times. Only to have him pee out of the potty and on the floor and one time in my lap. But I stuck with the program determined to do something. On day 3 I finally started to see some progress. He was holding it and not just peeing everywhere. And I noticed he would grab himself so I had some kind of indicator that he needed to go. We made to the potty a few times and praised him highly for how well he had done. So this whole program is supposed to be 3 days. My kid didnt get it completely at the end of day 3 and on day 4 he was at nana's house. I heard he had a pretty good day but I could tell I had lost some ground this morning when he peed on my couch and them on the floor within 2 hours of being up. On day 3 it took him 4 hours to finally go. So this morning after cleaning the couch and then the floor I thought well crap we are back to day 1. Still determined to stick with it I had a discussion with my little man and told him it wasnt ok to pee in your underware or on mommy's couch. And then the magic happened. Somewhere in the space of 36 hours he got it. He isnt so afraid of the potty and when taken will sit still long enough to go to the bathroom. I dont think we are to the accident free stage but his little brain finally clicked. He told me he peed (which he didnt) but we went to bathroom with dry undies and he peed in the potty!!!! MAGIC! I dont really know it all came together so quickly but hey I am not knocking the fact that I am down to only buying diapers for 1 now! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the dreaded why...

So my 2 yo is going through a phase of why? Everything I do is questioned, the answers is questioned and so on. So as an example I will be making lunch. He will ask why? I tell him so he has something to eat. Why? Because you are hungry. Why? because thats what happens between meals. At this point I am running out of reasonable explanations or at least ones he would understand. So I get the final, why? my answer finally ends with.... because. Of course everyone goes through this and for the most part I laugh and sometimes we go back and forth with the why? beacause routine giggling at each other. It really isnt all that annoying mostly just amusing because I try to come up with as many answers as I can. I always lose though and give into the because answer. Well the because answer has rubbed off. I caught him asking himself why? the other day to which he answered........"acause"

Saturday, February 7, 2009


so I am kind of amused by the whole idea of blogging. I would be lying if I said I didnt enjoy hearing about everyones lives and the funny stories that happen daily. It makes me feel normal because I am not the only one who goes through all the funny stuff that only moms thing are funny. I only have one complaint. In my effort to keep up with everyone I now have 2 emails, a myspace page, a facebook page, and a blog. I havent seen it yet but I feel like I should be in that movie he's just not that into you. Like someone is going to be dumping me on 5 different types of technology in order to avoid actually talking to me. I realized all of this after I spent 30 minutes just checking in on all of my pages. Dont worry I will continue to sporadically stalk the people in my life via myspace/facebook/blogspot because I am too busy to actually talk to anyone on a daily basis. All of these platforms do keep me silently connected to people and I am thankful for that on many levels. It was just a thought I had today since I didnt actually spend the day chasing little boys (had to work) so I got to a linear adult train of thought. Oh the good ole days................................

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sometimes I actually work...

Well, on the weekends I like to clock some hours at my job. Which is generally uneventful, just 12 hours of counting by 5's. Occassionally I will have to call a doctor, fix some insurance, just the boring stuff that comes along with it all. Dealing with the public is what makes my life interesting. So today I come in and there is a note about a forged prescription. This is illegal and you can go to jail for it. I really dont know why people insist on trying their luck, but someone had the night before. So right in the middle of me getting a little busy they come to get their forged prescription, so I got to call the cops! We stalled until the police got their and pulled up in the drivethru. So chalk one up to the good guys because we busted one of million drug addicts in the world. Which will amount to a slap on the wrist and probabation but someone has to keep fighting the good fight.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The exponential increase in everything

Have you ever noticed the increase in everything once you had kids? Well, it struck me today that things did not double when I had 2 boys. There seems to be an exponential increase in all things in my life associated with my home and family. I am home cleaning today and instead of spending a couple of hours on the house I will spend the better part of all day and night getting things cleaned and organized. This all comes from the fact that I can not concentrate my mind and efforts on any one thing with 2 little boys running around. I started with the kitchen which normally only takes me 20 or 30 minutes to clean. Well, it started with pulling the little one out of the dish washer 1/2 dozen times until I finally just marched him into the other room crying. After I left him in a heap in the floor sobbing because I wasnt letting him climb in and take a bath I returned to finish dishes. Then I hear the screech and wail that usually means there is a fight a brewing. So i run into the other room to check and make sure no one is bleeding. Both boys are fine so I return to up hill battle only to repeat the same scenerio 4 more times. I finally decided that cranky pants was taking a nap! So I am left with only 2 extra little hands to disturb everything I do. Before I started on the kitchen I seperated all of my laundry. In the span of 5 days I have accumulated 6 loads of laundry! I just did 8 loads the other day to get all caught up. So much for that. This is yet another example of the exponential increase. When it was just the 2 of us I might do 4 loads a week, now I am up to about 14 loads in less than a week and a half. So all of my laundry is sorted, keep in mind this process usually does me no good. I come in the room and my oldest is rolling and jumping in the piles of clother. So my once sorted laundry is a jumbled mess again. I will repeat this all day until the laundry is finished. With some amount of luck the laundry will at least remain in the same room! So things do not double when you have kids. You wont spend a couple of more hours doing anything you will spend all day! You wont have a couple more loads of laundry a week, you will however need a laundry mat to keep up though! How the hell does Kate (of John and Kate plus 8 do it) oh yeah she had a whole bunch of freaking helpers!